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                    Orbod Energy Unit Power System (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a technical device that has at least two inputs from primary current sources and one or more outputs, which provides the transfer of load power from one source to another for continuous power supply to consumers. in case of disconnection or deterioration of the quality of electrical energy at the input from the primary source.

A set of functional devices for the same purposes is called an "uninterruptible power supply system", systems can contain redundant functional units.

So Expert UPS System.png
Power modular UPS System.png

Uninterruptible power supplies have evolved in parallel with computers and other high-tech devices to reliably power this equipment, which standard power supply networks cannot provide.

The most widely used designs are as a separate device, including a battery and a DC-to-AC converter. Flywheels and fuel cells can also be used as a backup source. At present, the power of the UPS is in the range of 100 W ... 1000 kW (and more), various values ​​of output voltages are possible.

Combined Equipment (Autonomous mini power plant) based on ORC Turbines and Solid Fuel Boilers of the G.Profi series, including UPS

We offer our customers UPS of our own production, both separately and as part of the main equipment - ORC turbine + G.Profi + UPS.


The product line of our UPSs starts from the 50 kW device and up to the 300 kW device. Also, the UPS system is a universal device for energy synchronization for autonomous mini power stations based on ORC technology.

Power modular UPS System2.png
Power modular UPS System.png
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