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Orbod Energy is developing a home GPU (ground power supply) based on lithium batteries. This trolley-mounted system is easy to transport to the jobsite, home, mobile or marine. Connect photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, backup generator, or grid for charging.


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The device quickly integrates and becomes a portable studio station for YouTube creation. Large raw bar to mount all your digital devices, LED bar, microphone boom, etc. 1/4 '' Rigid Thread Mounting Rail

Hand Cart Mobile GPU: This self-contained power solution allows you to power your home, cabin, boat, or remote work site. Since the unit is mounted on a handcart, you can easily move it from home to your garage or on a weekend getaway. We'll be offering an aviation GPU version for your aircraft shortly, but we'll also be able to power important items in your hangar or garage.

Commercial Cart for Mobile and Stationary GPUs: This is a larger version of the GPU listed above. It is equipped with scalable

battery solution on a modular industrial cart with 24 "x 48" castors with heavy duty industrial castors. This system is suitable for any standard door, corridor and elevator.

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We use Battle Born lithium batteries. These quality batteries are manufactured in the USA and are used in a variety of land and sea applications.


A. Multiple charging sources: MPPT smart solar panel charging and AC-based charging (via alternator, inverted AC solar panel, AC wind power, mains power, shore power).

B. Pure Sine Wave: The inverter produces pure sign wave AC.

C. Multiple output power: Standard AC 220-240V 50Hz.

D. Smartphone monitoring: visually monitor the battery charge on the cart, computer and smart phone via APP.

E. Scalability: The commercial cart allows batteries to be added for extra capacity.

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Ground power supply for portable power supplies.

The basic handcart will be powered by two 12 V 100 Ah Battle Born lithium batteries (1200 watt hours). The commercial roller-beam cart will have six lithium batteries (6,000 watt-hours). Either version will work with a Dometic 12V / 230V AC cooler, InstaPot pressure cooker, induction hob or other AC appliances.

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Please contact us for information.

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