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Long burning solid fuel boilers Gefest profi U


Long-burning solid fuel boilers G.Profi U   are intended for heating residential and industrial buildings. The manufacturer has provided 2 lines for capacities from 15 to 250 kW and from 350 to 1000 kW. A wide range of models allows you to choose the most efficient boiler for your needs. G.Profi U boilers performance range: 15, 25, 40, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 250, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 kW. The main advantage of G.Profi boilers is a highly efficient convection system, thanks to which a high level of efficiency is achieved - up to 95%. 

Any solid fuel is used as a fuel in G.Profi series, including fuel with high humidity. Fuel combustion is based on the principle of direct pyrolysis with air distribution to additional combustion zones. The gas temperature is no more than 90 °C, therefore the boiler design does not provide for the installation of a thick-walled chimney. The heating medium is distributed in such a way that virtually no condensation occurs. In the absence of electricity, the boiler operating in a natural circulation system will be able to create operating pressure for further heating the room. The G.Profi boiler is controlled by a microprocessor, which can easily adjust the operation of the boiler when changing the fuel. The enlarged loading chamber allows working up to 24 hours using wood and 48 hours using coal. Also, G.Profi U boilers are equipped with an audible alarm and explosive valves. 

The design of the G.Profi boiler is made of 6 mm thick boiler refractory steel. The body is insulated with a thick layer of mineral wool, which prevents the loss of heat calories. Thanks to the multi-level vertical heat exchanger, the flue gas path is increased and, accordingly, the heating capacity of the unit is increased. An inspection hatch is provided at the top of the boiler, which facilitates access to the convection ducts.

When developing this model, the engineers took into account all user preferences and developed a sloped loading door, which greatly simplifies the filling of fuel into the combustion chamber. The power of Gefest Profi boilers is indicated when burning wood with a moisture content of 30%, when burning coal, the nominal power increases by 40-70% of the declared one. The water jacket is hydrostatically tested at 4 bars.


Конструкция Котла G.Profi.png
1 - combustion chamber                    11- fan                                                                                              2 - ash pan hatch                                12 - secondary air distributor                                                        3 - ash pan                                           13 - drain tap                                                                                    4 - water-filled grate                            14 - return pipe connection                                                            5 - coolant                                            15 - bottom hatches for cleaning smoke circulation                  6 - lacing hatch                                    16 - smoke hog                                                                              7- thermal insulation material            17 - manual traction control handle                                              8 - back-fill hatch                                  18 - upper hatch for cleaning smoke circulation                        9 - microprocessor control hatch      19 - supply pipe connection                                                        10 - convective part                             20 - analog thermometer                                                                 

  • Application for both domestic and industrial purposes;

  • Steel body with durable boiler steel;

  • Large fuel storage chamber;

  • Availability of service;

  • High efficiency - up to 95%.

Конструкция G.Profi U.png
Чертёж G.Profi.png

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