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                                                                 "Orbod Energy Industries Technologies" LTD

          About us:

We are a joint-stock company "Orbod Energy Industries Technologies" LTD (Israel) - an investment engineering company offering for sale its products and the products of its partners from America and Europe (France, Spain, Ukraine), namely projects in the field of alternative energy, thermal energy and other industries. First of all, we intend to implement our projects in the energy market of the Middle East and Africa, and in the future we intend to move to the implementation of projects in the global energy market.

In the global energy market, there is a huge demand for energy-carrying equipment and, as a result, a lack of supply and availability of technologies. In many countries of the world there are programs for the use of solar and wind energy, producers are supported in every possible way, consumers are credited in a simplified form, but one way or another, these systems have many drawbacks and cannot cover most of the market segment. We set ourselves the goal of creating equipment that could meet these requirements and would be in demand in all market segments. To make it competitive and cost effective for our customers and consumers.

Our solution was to create Modular Autonomous Mini Power Plants (AMPP) based on two main concepts that contribute to the autonomy of the power generation process. These are the concepts, Waste to Energy (WtE), which imply the processing of various types of waste and the concept (ORC) of the Organnic Rankine Cycle, which is the basic one and involves the production of electricity from low-grade heat in the organic cycle.

The main partners in our activity for the creation of Autonomous Mini Power Plants are;

  • Israeli Company "Y.Shanaim" LTD. Has thirty years of experience in the production of uninterruptible power supplies (units) UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)).

  • "Infinity Turbine" LLC (USA) - engineering, design and manufacturing company, developer and manufacturer of Rankine turbines (ORC).

  • "Enogia" LLC (France) - a developer and manufacturer of small ORC systems.

  • Spanish-Ukrainian Company "CCC-Energo" LLC, designs and implements MTPP (Mini Thermal Power Plant) on biomass. Since 2015, the company has developed and set up a serial production of installations (Wast Tires) for thermal recycling of waste tires and plastic by pyrolysis in order to obtain liquid boiler fuel and carbon black.

  • Ukrainian Company Consulting & Implementation Center "Renewable Resources" - engineering and manufacturing company, developer and manufacturer of modernized systems for high-temperature processing of polyethylene and plastic waste to obtain high-calorie boiler fuel, distillation of pyrolysis boiler fuel into motor fuel, processing of pyrocarbon (carbon black) into high quality activated carbon.

           The company carries out:

  • Design, development of design documentation for AMPP of our production, and reconstruction, construction, supply of equipment, commissioning and maintenance of heat power facilities already existing at consumer sites.

  • Automation of energy facilities, including automation systems for ORC turbines, power units, turbine units.

  • Supply of own equipment and equipment from leading world manufacturers;

  • Implementation of turnkey projects in the field of traditional thermal and alternative energy based on our AMPP.

  • Warranty and post-warranty service for all types of equipment or services supplied by us.

  • Using modern world technologies, using equipment from leading world manufacturers, relying on experience and knowledge in the field of modernization and automation of energy facilities, taking into account the real needs of the customer, our company can offer and implement projects for complex energy-saving reconstruction and modernization of both the main power equipment and auxiliary systems of your company.

          Directions of the company:

The main activity is the design and sale of Autonomous Mini Power Plants using combined and modernized ORC technologies and technologies for the disposal and processing of various types of industrial waste, according to the concept, - Waste to Energy (WtE), - developed by us. And also, the accompanying generation and sale of electricity at industrial enterprises using ORC Rankine turbines. Based on the Waste to Energy (WtE) concept, the technologies we offer are capable of converting any type of solid or liquid waste into heat and then into electrical energy.


          ORC Rankine turbines:

Unique equipment, both for the accompanying production of cheap electricity, and for the creation of a new product (Autonomous Mini Power Plant), by utilizing low-grade heat at power facilities or by recycling waste at stand-alone facilities.

  • Conversion of industrial steam and hot water boilers to alternative fuels (peat, wood chips, biomass, waste of the main technological process) in order to replace expensive natural gas.

  • Design and construction of steam turbine MTPP (Mini Thermal Power Plant) along with AMPP with electric power of 1 MW, 1.5 MW, 2.5 MW, 3.0 MW and 5.0 MW on alternative fuels (peat, wood chips, industrial waste) for co-production of heat and electricity at a low cost.

  • Gas micro turbines manufactured by the American company "CAPSTONE". Direct deliveries of new and used micro turbines from the manufacturer's warehouse in the USA.

  • Energy-saving systems of automatic control and anti-surge control of turbo-compressors with gas turbine, steam turbine or electric drive in various industries.

  • Modernization of steam turbine automatic control systems. Transition from outdated hydraulic systems to electronic mechanical control of the turbine speed by direct high-precision action on the shut-off spools of the main servo motors.

  • Control anti-cavitation valves of the world's leading manufacturers for the energy and oil and gas industry: Dresser-Masoneilan, CCI, KOSO, etc.

  • Automation, control and regulation systems in the energy, oil and gas industry, metallurgy and S&C (Statistics & Control, Inc., USA) based on software and hardware from leading world manufacturers (Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, GE Fanuc, Yokogawa, ABB , Toshiba, Siemens, Iconics) using our own latest technologies in the field of regulation, process control and turbine units.

  • Optimization, diagnostics and modeling of complex multifunctional processes and systems in the power industry, increasing the productivity and service life of the equipment we have installed.

  • System integration, engineering services, supply of control and regulation systems for our own facilities and for energy facilities of our consumers.

We will be happy to answer all your questions, provide commercial offers in accordance with your requests, or select the best option for your facility.
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